Our featured item will be a Solid State Drive (SSD) but Hassey Solutions has had experience with computers for more than 30 years. We know the difference between gimmicks and hype and good, sound, quality, dependable parts. Stick with us and worry less about your computer and data and more about quality time with the things that really matter.


Our featured item is Telephone Technical Support. Richard Hassey was a Telephone Technical Support Technician for Sony Electronics 20 years ago and was using Voice View Software to remotely connect to customer's computers when few knew it was even possible. There's also a difference between those that know about computers (Geeks) and those that have practical real world field experience (Cool Geeks) --Hassey Solutions. We also work with ZOHO Assist so if a customer or client of Hassey Solutions would like an ongoing Subscription, we can even remotely manage your computer issues while your computer is unattended.


Our featured item is the Television Commercial Silencer Electrical Wall Outlet Receptacle Tap but we are also working on providing some of the more useful and popular electronics and gadgets on the market.

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