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Richard Hassey graduated from Edison Community College in Fort Myers, Florida in 1992 with an Associate in Science Degree in Computer Programming and Analysis. In addition, Richard Hassey graduated from Edison College in Fort Myers, Florida in 2000 with an Associate in Arts Degree. Furthermore, as a returning student of Kent State University in Kent, Ohio, Richard Hassey had an opportunity to obtain a BS Degree in Computer Science, having acquired enough credits for a BA Degree in Computer Science during dual attendance at Edison College and Florida Gulf Coast University, while at the same time graduating from Sony University in Gateway, Florida in 1998. However, 2 more classes where still required in order to complete the curriculum. Instead of returning to Kent State University to complete these required classes, Richard Hassey chose to continue his education by moving on to ITT Technical Institute in Strongsville, Ohio and complete an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Computer Network Systems in 2005.


The foregoing is not a complete list of schools that Richard Hassey has attended but rather some of the schools where Richard Hassey holds Degrees. Richard Hassey also entered into a transient agreement between Kent State University and Georgia School of Technology (Georgia Tech) and later transferred to Georgia State University as stipulated in the transient agreement.


During these same time periods, Richard Hassey formed several businesses, including the current start-up: Hassey Solutions Home-Based Computer Business in Lehigh Acres, Florida in 2017 and now relocated to Cape Coral, Florida.


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